We the undersigned citizens of the United States of America do hereby with our valid signatures on this petition, present this petition to the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate, for a redress of grievances against the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

We are patriotic American citizens that cherish, love, honor, and revere our Nation, the United States Constitution, and our God given liberties and freedoms.We were given a Constitutional Republic with specific limits on the power and authority of our government. Three separate, and distinct branches of power and control, that prohibit any intervention and control by our government, in the lives , and economic conditions of our citizens. To further insure their freedoms and prosperity, the currency created was to be backed by gold and silver, never to have a central bank of any kind. The Bill of Rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution were never to be altered, removed, changed, or infringed upon by any branch, office, or agency of our government.

With this petition we seek a trial of President Barack Hussein Obama for impeachment, and his removal from that office for the following violations: 

   A.  Violations of his oath of office, and swearing his support and defense of the United States,        against all enemies foreign or domestic.

   B.Participation in, and perpetration of crimes against the citizens of the United States.

   C.   Exceeding the powers and authority of that office granted to him by  United States Constitution, by titled executive orders.

   D.  Permitting the assumed authority of our government to violate and intrude in the lives, liberties, freedoms, and prosperity of the citizens. 

   E.  Multiple violations of the individual States rights and authority.

    F.  Multiple engagements in uconstitutional, undeclared wars [ per the United States Constitution ] with foreign countries.

Sign legal signature and address below:







The intent and purpose of this petition is to permanently correct these wrongs. To protect, and preserve our heritage for this and all future generations. To protect and preserve our God given liberties, freedoms, and prosperity. To correct and absolutely define limits and safeguards on the powers, control, and authority of our government. To demand our elected Representatives and our elected Senators strictly adhere to United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. To insure the prosperity, lives, and freedoms of our citizens remain free of any kind of unconstitutional government control. To restore our Republic. 



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